max range of 6mmAI

tommy davis

Sep 27, 2003
i thinking about buying a rem. 700 in 6mm and having it turned into 6mm ai in there much diffances in the two are they purdy much the same????????
I have a 6mmAI that is on the slow side. Typically, I do not get velocities much higher than a hot 6mm Rem load. However, I have made kills out to 700yds with a 70gr B-Tip and I'm sure the cartridge is effective at greater distances. VLD bullets will easily get you out to 1,000yds.
Depends on what you want it for...

I have a 6mmAI that is a complete TACK DRIVER! I shot the best group of my life with it before the Antelope Hunt a 5 shot .099 with 4 witnesses... shooting the Berger 105 VLD's I have alomost 1000 ft lbs at 700 yards...

I can push them faster but so far the best accuracy is at 3150 FPS...

For ground hogs and PD's to 1K this is a great cartridge.. You can take deer and Antelope to 700-800 yards with devistating results... ( if your a "looks good on paper guy" )

just my .02

Ouch! Your .099" group beat my BEST group by .001".


I shot that group with a 55gr Nosler B-Tip and a max load of Varget.

The 6mmAI can definately shoot!



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Oh Man.. can the 6mmAI shoot... I doubt I'll ever have a group like that again... but it sure felt good!!
I have to give the nod to the Berger's though... with the 107 sierra's I get .3's or so.. but the Bergers are consistiently shooting smaller groups....

I am having Chris Matthews put it into a 1K BR stock and maybe one of these months I'll give a go at that 1K record with a slightly bigger 6mm than the 6BR....

I shoot a 6mm/284, using the B105VLD's at 3150 fps...

Not to one up smallest group is .087" @ 100....

I just wanted to concur that B105's like 3150fps...

Now for the real question, What Powder are you using...I am using R22.

Well.. well... seems that the Berger 105's are the ticket with RL 22 and 3150fps!!!

thats my powder of choice as well...!!!
WyoWhisper & xring01,

Have either of you tried Re-25 instead of the Re-22? I've been playing with the Re-22 and VLD's in my 240 WBY and finding that I didn't quite get a full case. The accuracy is great with very good consistancy, but with the Re-25, it seems that it may be possible to not only get the 3150 fps. but a full case as well. The math seems to work out, I just haven't had time to shoot any.

Any input will be appreciated.


I just picked up a pound of R25 for my 300WM...

I have considered it for the 6/284,,but with is shooting so good, why mess with a good thing. I might give it a try though.

I sent you an e-mail with some information that I couldn't get pasted here.


My 6mm Rem. is 26" and a 10 twist.
6mm Rem. AI is 28" and an 8 twist.
240 Wby. is 28" and an 8 twist.


I understand not wanting to mess with a good thing! Finding the 1st accuracy node for a cartridge/bullet/powder is usually enough to make me stop without searching for the next one. I have since learned to go on. Since you're already at the upper limit of the range and length of the barrel, there really isn't any sense in wasting powder and bullets. I was just curious...

I need to get some Re-25 so that I can test the rest of these bullets with this barrel.

Tommy- I too am in Caleefornia. I opt for the 6mm Remington because it is sooo comfortable to shoot. Hardly any kick and the ballistics are awesome. Currently I am shooting a Rem 700 "Long Action" chambered for 6mm Rem. The Barrel is a 26" SS Shilen with a 1/8 twist. I am shooting the Nosler 80 Grain Ballistic tips with 41.2 grains of Varget and Remington primers. The velocity is 3,386 fps @ 71 degrees, and my groups consistnatly avg less than 1/8" at 100 yards. Besides, if I need to, I can purcahse stock ammo for it. I LOVE the 6mm Remington and that **** red vapor it makes when shooting anything alive.
I love varget and ballistic tips out of mine. I will try those bergers and RL 22 when I get a chance, but I have a 1:10 and it may not stabilize. What twist are you guys shooting?
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