max load


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Jun 6, 2007
Hi to all

Loading some loads according to my re loading book and according to the book the max load for the calibre is 93.5g. I have with other calibres exceeded the re loading book max loads and been ok with it. I m re loading my 338 lapua and want a bit more velocity so was thinking in incresing the load. How much more would be safe.



Feb 14, 2008
every rifle is a creature unto itself. proceed with CAUTION until you find the magic number that says "HEY THIS IS ALL I CAN TAKE AND I AIN'T GONA TAKE NO MORE" that is if you really want to try to max it out. remember max is not always the best load even tho it may be the fastest.


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Nov 2, 2009
I reload for a couple different 338 lapua. One of my rifle I can load above the book where the other one I am 3gr below the book max because of pressure signs. I can tell you the velocity gain in the lapua isn't so great that I need to push the limits. At the further ranges it is no big deal to add another click or two on the turret. I have also found that I can't test bullets less than 300yards. Maybe I am just rushing my close shots or I am just dumb but I have found my loads are ok at 100, settle in good at 200yards, and great at 300yards.

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