Massive Bat 3LL rifle package 2 stocks 3 barrels 2 bolts

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    Jan 19, 2004
    So I have my bat custom rifle for sale .
    Bat 3LL action 1.350 Rd w alum 30 moa base. 2 bolts 308 bf and magnum bf .entire action and both bolts nitrided by Bat. Action is RB LP

    Jewel br trigger

    First barrel is bartlien gain twist 29" barrel 11-10 twist USFTR chamber 107 rds fired

    Second is 300wsm 10 twist obermeyer with RWS 3 vent brake BLK coated

    3rd barrel is bartlien 9.3 twist mtu 28" 338 edge barrel. Twisted fluted by kampfield custom badger fte brake. 35 rds fired for brake in BLK cerakoted

    1st stock manners carbon fiber T4A in Gap camo with forward rail for bipods. Bedded for bat

    2 nd stock XLR ind full chassis stock w free float rail folding fully adj rear stock every option XLR makes .stock is skim bedded for bat action

    Bat action wrench, bat bolt disassembly tool, spare cheekpiece for XLR and spare buttstock,

    Selling as a package. In 308 for setup w nightforce 15-55 comp scope and mystic bipod you have 1.4 lbs to spare w carbon fiber stock

    All work done by RWS custom gunsmithing

    Looking for 4000.00 u pay shipping

    Working on pics.
    [email protected] for offers questions so on.