Dry Heat?

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Apr 1, 2018
Great advice on this thread. The Dummy Round exercise will definitely either cure you of your flinch or make you stop shooting, especially if you have several friends and family along to witness and laugh at you. First time we tried it, I flinched so bad it looked like I was electrocuted when I pulled the trigger. Once you find the shooting protocols that suit you best, it’s all about consistency. Do everything the same way on each shot from; shooting position, grip, trigger squeeze, breathing and follow through. Dry Firing is important because is all about Muscle Memory. Consistent repetition will make you a better shooter

Mike Matteson

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Jun 26, 2017
it's starts with placement of firearm. Putting the firearm where it's steady is always a must. All the trigger control doesn't do a thing without the firearm being steady. Then breathing and trigger control are next. Dry firing is a must to learn breathing control and and the holding of the firearm. Placement of the thumb should run with the stock and not over. The thumb over the stock can get you a bloody nose. Holding the firearm butt tightness to your shoulder, should be about equal to the recoil of the firearm with the 3 remaining fingers so it doesn't bounce or jump out of your hands.

When I go to a range and set up. I dry fire several times before sending a round down range.

Triggers: The set up of lighten triggers should be done by a gun smith. Generally requires a different trigger installed. Even with that the gun smith should cleanup and smooth the shear so there isn't any hard spots. If a round is in the chamber and the firearm is dropped or the butt hits the floor or ground hard the trigger should not allow the firing pin to be released. Almost all of my firearms have lighten triggers install or worked over including my Colt Phython. if anybody knows about them. The trigger is very light to start with.

Back to placement of firearm: Bench rested to work on trigger control can be done at home "DRY FIRE ONLY" . You can find a table around home to work off of to rest the firearm and dry firing for trigger control rather than waiting to go to the range "MAKE SURE THE MUZZLE IS POINTED IN A SAFE DIRECTION AT ALL TIMES". Support devises will needed to support the front and rear of the firearm at home and the range. When hunting that a difference thing. Most of the time laying down isn't possible. Standing and shooting isn't good either. Learn to sit and use you knee's and elbows to support your firearm. Neal and using one knee and elbow to support is good. The other is be aware of rocks, tree's and tree branches that can support your firearm. Holding your offhand on a tree truck creating a notch with your thumb works good too. It you are carrying a day pack can take a place or rocks or other things. Laying down you have to see over the brush. all these styles should be practices and applying breathing and trigger control.

You will need all this to work up loads for your firearm if you are hand loading your ammo to shot.



Feb 5, 2020
Bullhead city, Az
I have read some good info and like the varied experiences.. I will add that there is no substitute for trigger time and a good trigger. I have used milspec triggers on various rifles over the years... there is a night and day difference in the way a massaged trigger breaks compared to a stock or milspec trigger! It makes a big difference in precision shooting and for proper shot placement when shooting out to distance ...

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