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SOLD/EXPIRED Lots of Scopes For sale


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Sep 29, 2003
I'm cleaning out the closet and I have more freak'n scope than I know what to do with! Out they go....All are in excellent condition with extremely minor ring marks, some are brand new- never mounted as noted. You can see pictures here.

Scopes For Sale album | Rbertalotto | Fotki.com

What you see is what you get. Some have rings. Some have boxes. Some have caps.....

You can research individual scopes here:
http://swfa.com This will give you descriptions and current prices.

Shipping will be $5 to anywhere in the lower 48.......

I'll accept PayPal or Postal Money Orders. (No extra charge for PayPal)

You must contact me via my email as I do not have access to this forum during the day. You must put in the subject line what scope you are interested in, otherwise this will turn into a real cluster ---- and folks will be getting the wrong scope. I'll answer all emails

[email protected]

Good Luck!

PINE RIDGE 6-18X44, Target Dot, Side Focus, Target Turrets.....$99

WEAVER Grand Slam 4.75X40 fixed power, Rare Scope, Awesome Optics, NEW...$250

LEUPOLD 2X Pistol Scope, EER (Extended Eye Relief) ....... $180

REDFIELD Golden 5 Star, 4-12X40, Adj Objective, NEW.......$180

BSA Platinum 24X44, Target Turrets, This is a super clear specimen, NEW...... $75

UPDATED 12-9-09
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What reticle is in the Leupold 6.5-20x40?


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I too would be interested in the Leupold. I would like to see some pics and is it a 1" tube or 30mm?

I will take the following -

SWFA SS 20x42 Tactical Sniper, Mil Dots, Target Turrets, Rear Focus, OK for 50BMG, No ring marks.... $200

Email sent for payment instructions.
I'm interested in the Burris Mini rifle, the Signature and the Leupold VXIII.

Let me know what I need to do. I have also PM'd you.

I'll take this one.

Leupold VX-III 6.5-20X40. Target Turrets, Sun Shield.......$400 (Such a deal!)

please send me a pm with details.
Please see updated list above..........

Many of the scopes have been sold. Lots of good deals still available!

Thank you
No, they are 24X Fixed Power, super fine crosshair with a dot.

the value in these scopes is that they are fixed power. You can build a pretty good fixed power scope for little money. It's when you go variable that it can't be done for low dough.........