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Aug 26, 2021
Hello All, I've long wanted to build a specialty pistol and I think I'm going to take the plunge and jump in head first. Been lurking for years and Ernie has been taunting me for as long as I can remember with some of his sweet builds.

I'm a hobbiest machinist so I will tackle as much of this myself as I can. I'm to deep into savages to try anything else currently. Hoping to use that as a gateway drug. So here's the game plan. Get a boyds pro varmint or chassis of some sort. lob off excess and make into my pistol stock. Then I already have a 300 win mag barrel set aside (already load for that too...seeing the 7mm's are a nice balance...maybe next build)

So I guess the advice i'm looking for is what's the best balance for a specialty pistol? Heavy for caliber with high BC or something lighter? was leaning the heavy route to take advantage of the BC as velocity is lost already. I have 208 amax's and 225 eldm's I wanted to use if possible. I have a mule deer hunt this winter and the area i'm hunting a 400-600 yd shot isn't uncommon.

Second I don't see as many rear grip builds. Is there a reason for that?

I plan to machine a holland radial style brake and torn on barrel length? Kinda want to keep it short in the 16" range as the brake will add length, but not apposed to going up to 18" if you all think 16" is too short for said cartridge.

Appreciate any advice you guys can give me.

I am excited to see the finished build.
The 300 Win will do great for the distances you are considering.
A 16 inch barrel will work fine, as you will get enough velocity at 600 yards, for the bullet to perform on game.
I would stay with the 208 grain A-Max if it was me, as it will reduce your recoil compared to the 225 grain ELD-M.
One of the reasons you don't see as many rear-grip for hunting, is that it is so front heavy compared to center-grip single-shots, which can be a disadvantage at times when shooting from odd field positions (other times it can be an advantage).
The rear grip will be easier to see impacts as you get further out, since it doesn't pop up (muzzle flip) as much since your hand is at the very back of the gun.
What barrel contour?
Awesome! I'm excited too! Ok I have 200+ of the amax's left so works for me.

Thanks for the clarification on the rear grip.

I have a factory 24" sporter barrel I'm going to lob off somewhere between 16-18" then thread it so still somewhat on the light side maybe encroaching on a medium contour as the rear portion of the barrel is thicker than the front.

I'll do the brake from 1" 17-4 and do the 1 large port and 2 smaller ports like the holland then take some off the top to help keep it from flipping to much.

Part of me wants to run my suppressor, but I'm afraid if I did that it may not mitigate the recoil enough and I'll end up with the gun in my face.😆
Sounds like you won't need a slow burn powder? Short barrel mag in long action too me is a waste? It's your gun and your decision, so I'm not knocking it. Seems like you need a bush/brush gun? 400 to 600 yards......hmmm! Have you tried a 2# hammer for the kill😉. That's going to be a lot of gas volume and possibly pressure out of a short barrel. Needs an effective brake for sure!