Looking for some good loads for the 243 Ackley Imp 40


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Dec 3, 2002
Bridgeville, PA
I'm working on a project gun right now. I will be shooting this gun at the PA groundhog shoots. 100, 200, 500 yards. Looking some data for the 243 Ackley Imp. 40 I Had Dave Manson Grind me a reamer for Lupua brass. I will be shooting a 28.5'' Krieger 1-8 twist barrel. I will be trying JLK 105, Berger 105, SMK 107, Horandy A-Max 105 and Council 105's. Any data will be appreciated

View My project Pictures: http://images.andale.com/f2/129/124/6198627/1039287952032_farley500_2.JPG http://images.andale.com/f2/129/124/6198627/1039287953218_farley500_1.JPG

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What is the difference in max MV between the 243WIN and 243AI with the 105gr A-Max? Actually thought of reaming my daugters 243WIN out to the AI version yesterday. What is the shoulder angle on it as well, assume it's 40.

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