SOLD/EXPIRED Look NO FURTHER...Ghillie Suit for sale (secure $ ).

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    Mar 8, 2004
    For complete (NO pop-ups, etc.) DESCRIPTION
    and PICS click on the gallery section at:

    Mention Long Range Hunting in your orig. contact.
    Prompt delivery, $PayPal only for this product.

    Check out the ghillie suit in the Gallery of:


    This Woodland camo suit (jacket and pants) has:
    built-in 2-Qrt GI canteen cover w/
    collapsible canteen,
    inner chest pocket,
    thumb loops,
    cool Woodland Veil,
    the Chest, Elbows and Knees CAMO. CORDURA-REINFORCED PADDING are professionally sown by heavy-duty sewing machine from a military clothes-specialist Co. Durable as hell! I wish I could wear it -it's my best ghillie product yet. After numerous days of stitching the ghillie netting with OD nylon bonded thread (Industrial strength used for military gear), I could not pull apart
    any of the stitching, I.E. it will last for years and years.

    I asked a Canvas Repair expert, with over 25 yrs. experience, if he thought the cordura sown on top of the padding needed extra sewing (by his machine) to increase durability. He said that the seamstress' sewing machine stitches and needle were finer and BETTER than his. The suit has no imperfections what-so-ever. The price is not negotiable.

    If you are 6-2 & taller, esp. with long legs the jacket and pants will probably fit,
    BUT...Please, read all size directions at the bottom of the Ghillie Suit Description on my website.

    I am ALSO SELLING a Woodland camo Ghillie Hat; it is not to be sold with the suit, as the camo. colors are not the same and the garnish is thicker than the suit. The suit is medium in thickness (jute, burlap, fabric
    strips etc).

    Serious inquiries only.
    (Mention L.R.H with orig. contact).

    (Also, let me know what you think of the 3-in-1 Camo system in Gallery).
    Thanks. Gallery page (GSRU)

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