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    For those of you who are serious about your bow hunting success, I strongly encourage you to check out Spectre Camouflage Designs. These ghillie suits are lighter, more comfortable to wear, and every bit as effective as traditional ghillie suits. Unlike traditional ghillie designs Spectre Camouflage offers a bowhunter friendly design which requires only minor adjustments for string clearance. Spectre even offers a scent suppressing liner made of Abscent material which locks your scent inside of the garment. With the Abscent liner inside of your Spectre garment you will be concealed from the eyes, ears, and noses of your quarry. Whether you choose the one-size fits all Spectre Cloak series or the personally tailored Spectre Suit or Full Tactical Suit, you can be sure of the highest level of concealment possible at a reasonable price. We also offer gun/rifle covers!! Check us out today and mention you saw our posting on Long Range Hunting forum.

    Spectre Camouflage....Not Seeing Is Believing!!
    Nicolas Jenkins
    Spectre Camouflage Designs
    (352) 551-6831

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