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Dec 12, 2002
Guess this should've been posted under the film library, but for some reason wasn't able.

Presently collecting raw material for a longrange tutorial film and posting som videoblogs as I go along. Only one of the blogs have been texted in english so far (look for english title).

Next blog will most likely feature practical wind doping; have the films just haven't edited yet.

The blogs are mostly for entertainment, the film will be educational. Focus will be making the most of what's already in the safe, but we are also building fullblooded longrange rigs in the film.

CLICK HERE to view the youtube channel/ blog entries. Hope you enjoy!
Now updated w english

Thanks, have texted all the blog entries now, look for english title. The rifle is a Sako Forester 243 with an extra 6,5x47 barrel is in the making as we speak. Primarily a hunting rifle, but certainly capable at longer ranges. Wanted it lightweight so have chosen components carefully. Blog entry 1 english, shooting the Sako first time

Duracoated it, guess there's no doubt this rifle is cocked.

have been out hunting. This is my setup, nothing fancy so have get close for good footage. Using a Canon G9 for the blog entry films.

First kill with the rifle, a fox. Absolutely in love with my moderator, a herd of fallow were only 200 meters away when I shot the fox, but they didn't spook so stalked and filmed them after.
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