Long Range Rimfire Hunting


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Jun 12, 2003
Just found a decent place to long range hunt for rabbit, that has rabbits. Anybody else play with their rimfires at longer ranges. Next week I will take the 22LR and 22WMR out to the range and esteblish click values for ranges out to 200 yard, our range only goes out to 200 yards. The farther ranges will have to be checked out in the field when there are no rabbits around. Can't wait sounds like fun. Looks like most shots will be 150 yards with occasional out to 300 or so. And yes I know that is not really long range, but for a 22 lr it is.
Mr. Robbor,
I do that kind of thing. Longest hit on gophers was at 203 yds. I use a match-prepped Ruger 10/22 with Lupy 8X that has windage and elevation target knobs installed. I had to go to Burris Signature Zee rings with .20 offsets front and rear, and it works real well. I use a lazer and range card to get there. Wind is a real problem with 22's, so I just dial-in as close as I can, then do a slow semi-auto straf, and it works
Try it, it is a real hoot, and gives use excellent pratice when you don't have time for your bigger stuff
I used my brothers 10/22 with a 8-32 Pentax on it and shot a bird out of the top of a spruce tree at 200 yards, wasn't the first shot but by the fifth I could see the bullet trace like he was telling me to look for. I walked the bullet right into him in three more shots!! Nothin but feathers! They couldn't believe it either.
This was the first time I had ever seen a trace from a bullet either.... would't ya know it, with a .22 at that! The bullet was slightly corkscrewing all the way to the tweety too... unbelievable.
My buddy Russ shoots his 22 at LR all the time, well 100 yards or a little more. I can't count all the game he's killed with it either. His 22 Mag and my brothers 17 HMR are a hoot at 300 yards. If you ever get a 17, get it in a rifle for good vaporization effect.
His 17 Taurus pistol is alright, but lacks the effects! 20" bbl is all you need too.
Yes the wind drift is something to be reconed with but to start I am only going to establish a click to distance chart for elevation and then just guess at the wind. No wind meter yet. I will have to get better in irder to pepper them with my bolt action 22 mag, LOL. I am heading out thursday hopefully for two days. Gonna be fun reguardless. I just wonder if the muzzle blast at 200+ yards will scare them away or leve me with multiple shots.
robbor, Where do you live? This is exactly the kind of thing I am doing. If I can kill some of the foxes,you can come over for rabbit hunting.
Hey guys! I live in the Los Angeles Ca. area. I got out two days ago. Gut to the spot late about 7:30am and sat tight with no sign of a rabbit. after sitting for about 1.5 hours I finally spotted a Jack. I watched him in the spotting scope for about 5 min to see how much he was moving around and what he was doing. He was sitting pretty tight. I range him 3-4 times at between 238-242 yards. So I got out my paper guestimating dullet drop(I was not able to get to the range to test). At 242 yards that little sucker could hear me opening that paper, AMAZING! I dialed in 76 clicks on my scope just guessing at 38" of drop. My first shot I flinched, doh. The second shot I could see hit almost 2' high and about 6" left. I took one more shot dead on just to check, the same. The rabbit was not moving after the bullet hit each time he would only look around a little. I left the scope the same and dropped the crosshair low and right, but the bullets were still hitting high. Then I last the rabbit when I had to go back about 10' for more ammo from my pack. I found him about 10 min later in some grass and all I could see was his head and as I was trying to find him in the scope he bedded down and was gone for good. I was very happy to have gotten a chance on my first time out but was expecting more rabbits as see on a previous evening. I left and went coyote calling. I got a response for a locator call at about 11am and snuck up in the direction of the dogs. But couldn't see anything. I tried a Female coyote invitation call and gave it 5 min. No luck. I then started the pup in distress call and eneded up in a daze when no dogs came in the next few minutes. The next thing I know a dog it belog me about 15 feet and another is busting through the brush to my left. I gave them a free pass and a thankyou treat and headed out. The next few spots produced nothing. Then I got to a old spot that had always looked good but never produced. I took the foxpro and a decoy pig (white). It was 2pm now and nothing came to the kid goat call in the first 5 min. so I switched to the coyote locator one more time then into the pup distress. I don't know why but a started to daze off again which is not like me. Anyways I look up and there is a dogat about 100 yards, I pop him as fast as I can and he start spinning an then goes running,"NO!", he crashes into a tree about 15 feety away and falls over dead. I keps calling for another 5 min. So I went down and check him out I had hit him about 2 inches high of t5he shoulder and the bullet had exited. This was my 22 mag shooting Remington premeres. I took his skull and left the body skinned and dressed open for dinner for other furry animals and called it a day and headed home. I am going up to sacramento in the morning. And will probably get out hunting up there for a day or two. Sorry so long. As soon as I get back I going to fit in some range time to get down the values for the mag at long range.
Had to smile at S1's post...then after browsing thru my new issue of Varmint Hunter Mag. saw an article about a guy that made the 2000 yd club with a 52 lb. 338/416. After the long tale he related to finding a place were a farmer/rancher had a severe problem with ground squirrels but wouldn't allow ANY firearms. Except airguns...he claimed hits to 122 yds.

What kind of air rifle does that?
robbor, It sounds like you have some great hunting out in your area. My invitation still stands,but you will have to drive across the entire country.

It's too late in the year for a female invitation to do much good. They may come out of curiosity, but breeding season ended by late March.

This is a great time for the pup in distress calls. A lot of pups are just starting to get up and out of the dens and getting themselves into trouble. The parents are very protective right now and respond well to any sound of a distressed pup.
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