SOLD/EXPIRED LNIB Springfield M1A .308


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Feb 20, 2010
LNIB Springfield M1A .308

LIKE NEW!!! Great rifle Springfield Armory M1A/M14 .308 with walnut stock with no wear or nicks on the stock. 22 inch barrel with 6 groove 1:11 right hand twist. Standard millitary post iron sights. (1) 10 round & (2) 20 round mags. 400plus rounds of Wolf .308 ammo in box.Asking 1100.00 for everything OBO.

No trades pls. [email protected]
I don't know that I'd be scared maybe the guy is busy or just hasn't got to his pc. I am very curious about the condition of the weapon as $1100 bucks if in good condition is a pretty good price.
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sorry guys, i have been so busy and havn't been able to get on the computer, what is your email address and i'll send you pics and info.
I offered to buy this if the guy would ship through an ffl,I never could get him nailed down on a name or address,think this may be a scam