Leupold VX-3i 6.5-20x40 EFR CDS Tgt


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Sep 24, 2016
Frankfort, Ky

Hey all. Selling my Leupold VX-3i 6.5-20x40 EFR CDS Tgt. I am the original owner and it has been mounted on my custom-built .243 since I received it. Never had any problems with it and it tracks as it should. Only reason for selling is I bought another scope (on this forum) with a little more power behind it. It’s a 1” tube and fine duplex. I have the original box, paperwork, neoprene cover and the scope will come with an Accuracy First level installed (if you’re not familiar with these check them out on the Accuracy First website....they are the ‘cats meow’ ;)). It will also come with the Warne Mountain Tech rings (low) that’s it’s currently sitting in. There shouldn’t be any ring-marks as the Warne recommended torque of 25” lbs was used with NO thread-locker. Glass is blemish free. I used the free CDS coupon already and the turret was made for the 6mm 87gr Berger vld-h which I will also include (it is not currently installed). The forward edge of the sun-shade (not the scope bell) is just barely ‘out-of-round’ from where it accidentally slid over against the interior side-wall of my safe. It’s not easily captured/seen in a photo. Just to be on the (overly) cautious side I sent the entire scope back to Leupold to be checked out and of course it was fine. That paperwork will be included as well. Asking $525.00 shipped (PayPal Friends & Family preferred) (Continental US) for the entire package. Thanks so much!
1AC9A873-F6AC-44F6-BBED-CA8ECB0E2BB0.jpeg 0A3F25AB-A1B3-402D-8FE6-F136C8A0F850.jpeg 3C66D5FC-2337-42A9-92DE-CC79F1F43428.jpeg 9B7CCBBD-A151-481B-86DF-15440AC37548.jpeg 42834474-8EA8-4DC7-BF84-F80C2E9C1483.jpeg C11D05B3-60AC-4699-B2C5-4A5B910A86CC.jpeg B7074024-6D5F-4E7B-9E69-4C324D6F2C4E.jpeg 3741BDDE-6D8F-4446-8B98-291453277EC3.jpeg F1AB0CBD-3C6F-4884-9A3A-FAAE7165F3C3.jpeg CFBB7861-F0A0-4ECC-97E5-A185CE8BFB98.jpeg
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