leupold screw in scope caps on burris fullfield


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Aug 27, 2012
Does anyone out there know if Leupolds screw in scope caps with work on Burris scopes. I have contacted both burris and leupold to find out the thread size of both scopes since they both can be used with sun shades. But was unable to find someone there that at both companies that seem to under stand what i was trying to do. Any info would be helpful. I am down to buying a screw in scope cap from leupold just to measure the thread size to see if it is the same thread size as burris.
I am a fan of both scopes but I don't understand why you want to screw on a Leupold sun shade onto a Burris scope when you can get a Burris sun shade (Scopes - rifle scopes, handgun scopes, hunting scopes by Burris Optics) for Burris scope.

Burris Sunshade-Fullfield II 4.5X-14X Stackable (3.0 inch) - Sinclair Intl

Burris Riflescope Sunshades FREE S&H 626035, 626013, 626034, 626032, 626033. Burris Riflescope Accessories.


Or are you trying to find if the same sun shade could work on both your Leupold and Burris scopes so you can swap it as necessary. If they are the same thread on the same bell size, it should work.

Just for kicks, I tried my Leupold sun shade off my Leupold 4.5-14x40 B&C if it'll fit on my Burris FFII 4.5-14x42, it screws OK but not a very good fit and looks ugly. :cool:

Another option is flip ups with honey comb sun shades (Rifle Scope Accessories - Sun shades, flip open lens covers, scope levels, cheek rests, and other riflescope gadgets.).

Good luck!

I think he means do the Leupold flip up screw on caps fit a Burris? I am slightly interested also...


Now that you simplified it, it makes sense. Got confused between the scope cap and sunshade.

Not entirely sure (but almost :rolleyes:) that it should fit as long as they are the same size bell, i.e., 3-9x40 Leupold cap for 3-9x40 Burris scope.

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