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I have a Leupold Long rang 6.5-20 VXIII

It has Fine Duplex crosshairs. Anyway, I was thinking of having Leupold change the reticle to the Mill Dot. Any disadvantage to doing this? I was also thinking about returning the scope and just getting the tactical version (if they still let me) and paying the difference. For the reticle change..Leupold want 145.00 to do it.

Can anyone tell me if I'm gonna be not happy if I do this. Or should I just suck it up and keep the fine duplex. Mostly on a rifle used for Varmints.


It says the change is for Wire Reticle....Is that the same as the Mark 4 ?

Is there a disadvantage to wire reticle???


Just browsed Premiere reticles and see I can have a Gen 2 mildot installed on my scope as well as the same turrets as a Mark 4...The nice thing if I'm reading this right is the gen 2 will allow constant mill spacing thru all power settings.

NOW...Please tell me this is a good thing

At the range where I shoot they hold a lot of sniper competitions. At these comps I see the majority of the leupolds on rifles have the 2nd gen mildot. I have not used one, but they seem highly popular with the people who shoot in competition.

Hope this helps.

I'm about in the same boat as you. I've been shooting a mill-dot for a couple of years now. Really like it, wouldn't go back. Great for yotes and rchucks.

Am seriously looking for something w/finer resolution, that is, 1/2 mil marks. Trying to "guess" a tenth mil is a bit of a bother.

Priemier and IOR make 'em.

The other complaint is that the mil dots are calibrated at only a specified power setting. Example, 10X on my 6.5X20. When I read the review on the scope the article indicated that the calibration remained constant across the power range. Yea, right! I don't trust those magazine writers worth a toot. (Give 'em a piece of equipment and send them on a hunt and they'll say what ever they get paid to say.) Liked it enough though that I didn't complain or send it back.

The pain in the neck is having to calibrate it at another power, in my case at 18X as optic quality noticably dropped off at 20X. Then my drop chart has 2 columns, one for 10X and 1 for 18X.
I figure with the MP-8 reticle for example, no footballs or soccor balls just 0.1 mil hashes a varing size w/power wouldn't make much difference. This ones going on a big game rifle.

Otherwise I'm considering a fixed 6X for my 338 then I don't have to worry my bone-head with what is set at where......

If you are into preciseness, you'll love the mil dot and 145 to make the step isn't bad at all.....
Are you sure the reticle change is $145 and not $45 instead? I had a "fine" replace to a "standard" 2 yrs ago and it was $45.

You've got to ask yourself a couple of questions.

What are my true needs and requirements when it comes to a reticle?

If it's for paper punching or shooting no more a couple hundred yards, then I wouldn't waste my time and hard earned money on a mil-dot reticle.

If however a mil-dot type reticle fits your needs and requirements then go for it, but I'd spend the extra few dollars for a 2nd gen mil-dot from Premier. I had them install the 2nd gen in my tactical leuy scope and I really like it much better than the standard USMC mil-dot reticle.

All of my new scopes have been from IOR and I have the MP-8 reticle in those scopes which I like better than mil-dot and 2nd gen mil-dot. Same concept, but they use hash marks instead of footballs.

Which ever way you go, purchase a reticle that will meet you actual needs and requirments and forget any fad stuff.
I have Leupold # 54680-Vari X III L.R. Tactical 6.5-20 X 50 M1 knobs standard Mildot.
When I first got it I zero'd in at 100 yards on 10X.
I then dialed it in to 20X, shot a group of 3. My impact shifted a 1/2"
I called and spoke to Chris @ Premier. He stated that it's a common thing that happens with a factory Mildot on the second focal plane.
He said that that won't happen with a Gen.II Mildot that they do, since their Reticle is in the First focal plane.

This is the second Gen.II I have owned from them. The first was a Vari X III LR Tactical 3.5-10 X 40 M3 Gen. II Mildot.

The reason I sold that one and went to what I have now is for the finer adjustments with the M1 knobs. I also like the higher magnification.

The 2 match's that I competed in after I received the 54680 I have walked away with winning something at both match's.

Premier Reticles is the **** and if I set up another rifle it will be the another one just like I have right now.

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