Leupold M3 Knobs


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May 11, 2009
Honolulu, Hawaii
I recently purchased a Leupold scope w/ M3 knobs (.308/168g). I realize it is calibrated for the FGMM ammo. I want to use the scope on my Rem. 700 .308 rifle for hunting out to 600 yrds. I need help finding a HUNTING bullet/load combo that is close to the FGMM load if such a thing exists. Also, I have read that if I shoot a 150g bullet with the same rifle I could use the M3 knob marked for .30-06. I this true?

Please forgive my ignorance, I'm A NOOB at this. I have hunted for years with factory rifles and ammo, generally within 200 yrds, but now I want to stretch things out abit.

Thanks in advance for your advice
168 FGMM is suppose to be 2600 FPS. I find that it was 2660 in the last factory 308 I had and 2775 in my 26" Hart. That said, I assume the M3 knob is calibrated for .46 BC and 2600 FPS. You should be able to find another bullet close to .46 and run them at 2600. For that matter, there are several 180 grain bullets around .46. These can be run at 2600 easily and would pack more energy. The Hornady BTSP 180 grain is published at .452
I have the Leup with M3 knobs, and I don't pay any attention to the range markings on it as they have never worked for me anyway. I load up whatever load I want, and whatever velocity I want, and make a dope card for the ranges. When the target you want to shoot presents itself, range it, dial your elevation correction, and windage if necessary, and fire.

The 168 load it's marked for it at sea level, and I believe 59 degrees.

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