Leupold 6.5-20 mil-dot question

Correct power to mil is 20. Most variables have to be set on the highest setting. NF is an exception and are marked at the appropriate spot for milling.
Thanks for the reply. Do you know if I can use medium height 30mm leupold rings to mount it on a sendero? I had a 4.5-14 LRT and had to use high rings. I would like to say as low as possible.
I didn't know if the longer length would be enough to move the objective bell down the taper of the barrel for it to clear. Do you have this model mounted and if so what tipe of mount do you use.
the 6.5-20 LR is 2" longer than the 4.5-14 model.

Remember, their objective diameter is the same.

Your only problem would be if you are either:

A) using a tapered scope base, in which case you should measure how much clearance you have with the 4.5-14 and then apply 2" additional length at the degree of taper (which is probably one third of a degree, which ain't much friend)

or B) if your barrel diameter/taper gets bigger after the junction with your action, and that seems a bit unlikely (a "bit" meaning like my chances of winning all lotteries in all states at the same time).

If you plan on using lens covers, be sure to take them into account.

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