Leica Geovids

Ian M

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May 3, 2001
Sask. Canada
Had an opportunity to use the new Leica Geovids severa; times last week in Alaska - they are very nice units. Excellent optics, as would be expected from Leica, weight is entirely reasonable for toting around your neck all day, laser reached out to 1200 on a sunny day, shot a variety of small spruce trees, arctic vegetation etc. Appeared to outdo my Leica 1200's for sure.
Did not do any caribou - my 1200 did the job for me but the Geovids would have elliminated carrying one unit.
Are they worth the 1600 bucks or whatever they will street-price for - definitely.
Thank you for the info on the new Leica Geovid. I have not been able to get a hold of one been looking all over and herd they may be out early Oct. Hope they are available for my Elk hunt out west leaving the 12th.
Crow Mag
Thats just what I wanted to hear. Now we need a side by side comparision with the ultravids (and other glass). The geovids use a different coating, probably because of the LRF. Did you use the 8x or 10x's? I read on another board that the 10x's were difficult to keep still when ranging at longer ranges. Was this a factor for you?
I believe that the pair on the hunt were 8's, I had no difficulty holding them steady enough on relatively small rocks and trees - naturally the bigger the object the better the performance. I was impressed with their ability to go out past 600 in bright sun on relatively small objects.
Most of the objects I got reading from were also ranged with my 1200, but the new Geovid beat my 1200's at the extreme distance objects I was trying.
They are also very quick and have an amazingly fast scan mode, no selection needed, it is there a few seconds after your initial reading.
Will they do a coyote at 1200 yards - I would bet they will in optimium light, bright light I would doubt. Deer and elk would have a better reflection but regret that I cannot make any statements on field use as i did not see any caribou to do readings on when I had the unit.
They are fine binocs, the big question is field use of the laser and from what I saw it delivered readings fast in bright light - worked even better in overcast light. No hell in rain I understand.
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