SOLD/EXPIRED Left hand stock and other stuff for sale

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by Lefty Hunter, Jul 4, 2010.

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    Oct 17, 2009
    Here is a list of the stuff I have for sale. All prices include shipping withen CONUS. I can send pictures to anybody that is interested. I am also interesed in trades for ,left hand stuff, and 270 wsm brass and 260 remingtoin brass. Thanks

    -Volquartsen compensater for the slab sided mark 2. It slides on the front of the barrel and attches by a screw through the old front sight hole. $40 shipped

    -brand new left hand bell and carlson carbalite stock for left hand long action 700. It is a sporter style stock without a cheekpiece. It does not have the aluminum bedding block. It is tan with black webbing. $150 shipped

    -7mm mag barrel off of the above mentioned stainless ruger 77mkII. I bought it used for a project and have never personally fired it. Not sure what the round count is but it looks good to me. It is 24 inches long. $50 shipped

    - savage 300 wsm barrel. 24 inches long. It is threaded for iron sights. $30 shipped.

    -encore 24 inch all camo 12 gauge turkey barrel and forend. It has a scope base and ported turkey choke. $325 shipped

    -Browning buckmark limited edition rifle. This has the multi colored laminte stock and green reciever. It also has a carbon fiber bull barrel. $700 shipped

    - custom g-loomis glx fishing rod. Biult by fishing freaks custom rods. It is a 7 ft medium heavy and has spiral wrapped micro guides. It is also split grip. It shows a little use but nothing crazy. It was built last year and I just can't get used to the spiral wrap. $300 shipped