Lee .50 Browning loading equipment

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    Jun 7, 2004
    Only gun guys will understand how this happened.

    I don't have a .50 and have no prospects either, but I got some .50 cal stuff in boxes from a salvage warehouse. After awhile I couldn't stand it, and never having loaded the .50, I had to give it a try. Had enough stuff to load unprimed dummys to test the equipment and process.

    The press and dies are Lee's and have a 1 1/4" thread and have to be used together. Looks like everybody else makes 1 1/2" thread dies and presses.

    Almost stuck the first case, but switched to RCBS case lube and had no more trouble. The primers were hard to punch out, but I resized and deprimed 3 hulls without a mess-up and stopped there. The bullets I scrounged up are Hornady A-Max's and the dummy rounds make very impressive desk ornaments.

    I put everything in a toolbox to sell the whole kit, but may hang on to it for awhile. I may want to play with it some more.

    Bottom line is that the Lee stuff is about half the cost of the other brands and worked fine for me. 3 rounds is a small sample, and my impression is that loading the .50 is different enough to require some experimentation, but is fairly straightforward if you're careful.