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    May 27, 2007
    This was taken from uk varminting

    Got an invite from weejohn to lamp in his neck of the woods so met him last night and this was the result

    The first area was a bit long and the wind direction was also wrong so off we went to the next area
    john was using an amber filter i am no fan of filters but this combined with the dimmer switch work'd a treat and the lithium bat lasted all night and was light as a feather

    The first fox of the night we saw would have given linford christie a run for his money
    the second however was a diffrent story john gave a call and it came a treat with enough light to take the shot but not spook the fox down it went,there was another but due to the nature of the ground i couldnt get a clear shot and it made off
    The next shot was my least favourite shot off a post a fox layed curled up snoozing should have been a walk in the park shot but i fluffed it and off it went

    The next two were a bit easier the night was verry quiet so we had to go easy on these two these two were not intrested in any calling again the ground made things hard but with the light just lighting them up they were not botherd so fox 2 & 3 in the bag

    The next bit was thick and fast one was spoted but again hard to see so took this one shooting of johns shoulder this one came to johns call that fast i bearly had time to get the cross hairs on it,while all this was going on there was hell of a racket to the side of us and like john said it sounded like a fox was geting raped fox 4 went down i thought the shot would have spooked the next two but i was wrong again just enough light to get a clear shot and not spook the foxs down they went yards apart

    The last one was shot where we were parked no matter what john tried it wouldnt stop,i was so tempted to take a moving shot but then it stopd long enough to take it out No 7 in the bag by the end of the night i was well goosed but enjoyed it and was pleased with the result
    A big thanx to john for the night

  2. MrMajestic

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    Jul 26, 2010
    Nice bag and sounds like a good time was had by all, excluding the fox!
  3. Mr.Smith

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    Mar 20, 2010
    Thats a good haul there, 7 foxes in one lamping session.

    Mr Smith