A day out on the Varmints in the UK..

Discussion in 'Varmint Hunting' started by Varmartin, Apr 10, 2010.

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  1. Varmartin

    Varmartin Active Member

    May 23, 2007
    I had an invite from Dave AKA ` onehole` yesterday to meet him at his place for a go on the long rang rabbits he has on a very nice patch of land...
    Well it was 1400 hrs and time to set off for the hour drive up to his place in my truck..
    Got to his just before 1500 hrs and started on our way to one of his permissions about 25 mins away...

    As I was driving behind Dave and his son James in there truck I could not help but think it looked like it was going to be a lot of fun today as the weather was perfect for it..nice and clear with light southerly winds at about 4 MPH...should be good !

    We arrived at the spot and unloaded the gear whilst James started a short walk to a 200 yard point to set up a target board...This is now becoming customary so we can double check our zero`s and make any small adjustments as necessary..

    I had with me my 6MM BR and .308 TRG, James had his custom Howa .308 and Dave had his RPA 6MM BR..i think we all made a couple click adjustments after firing a few rounds at 200 yards...it was a lot warmer today and brighter too...so that can account for the change in zero since the last time we were at this spot a few weeks ago...We then moved back to a nice level location in the same field that gave us some good vantage points....

    I think it was James who had first kill with a nice 340 yard`er....then a bit latter on he had another at 354 yards....we had a long quiet spell mid afternoon due to the farmer attending his sheep with two of his lads in the back of his landy.....so we took this opportunity to just kick back and relax for a while and spot potential targets for when the farmer had finished his rounds...

    Some time latter when all was clear and the range was safe again we continued to shoot at the target board now at 300 yards to double check all was still ` bob on` with the zero`s..

    Dave was shooting some small groups on the target board with his 6MM BR / 90 grain Bergers, but when it came to nail a few bunnies at long range ....he was taking fur off the buggers but it was not his day and didn't get a clean kill....next time buddy

    Dave spotted a rabbit for James at 640 yards which he nailed with his .308 first round...his face was a picture, and that shot made his day....but I told him not to pack his gear away just yet ....it was still early evening and the wind was getting lighter and more predictable as time passed ..

    I spotted a half grown rabbit sitting under a tree at 475 yards....the boys were watching as I took the shot, it looked like a clean miss and the rabbit hopped away....
    Not so..as when we walked over to pick up some of the kills there it was about 10 yards out of sight....yep ..it was a hit

    Dave had a few more long -.long range shots at approx 600 + yards and came so close to a couple.....just not connecting though ...bugger ...

    Time was getting on by now at about 1900 hrs...when James and dave both spotted a rabbit right out on the edge of our boundary....."Im on it" I said and started to ping it with my CRF 1200`s.....843 yards came up in the dislay a few times...time to make some scope adjustments....23 MOA dialed into my NXS and 2 MOA for the wind :eek:
    sh1t thats a long way I thought to my self.....OK boys.." you watching ?".. "yep " they both said....Im sure I heard James giggle to himself as he was watching through his scope...
    BOOOM....just a tad low....and the rabbit was still there.....a quick couple clicks up on the turret.......BOOOM....YEE HAA....nailed it, as the thud came back to us.... .....843 yards is my farthest ever kill on anything..beating my best ever of 642 yards with Varminter ( Ray ) 4 years ago....I was well pleased ..

    A few images of the days events...

    James getting set to take a shot at a 350 yarder...

    James with his trophy shot....

    My set up on the day..

    Me and my trophy shot.

    Me pointing out the location of my bunnie ( it was just to the right of where Im pointing..

    Daves set up on the day..

    I must say a huge thank you to Dave and James for there company and inviting me out on a day I will never forget..
  2. shorty

    shorty Well-Known Member

    Jan 11, 2007
    Looked like a great day indeed! Nice pictures to boot, thanks for sharing.
    I particularly like Dave's rifle, good looking stock he has there. McMillan?
    I just wish moderators/suppressors were as commonplace here.
    I'm curious, hunting leases are becoming more prevalent in the US, what is the going rate in the UK per acre, or hectare?
  3. Varmartin

    Varmartin Active Member

    May 23, 2007
    Hi, ..

    Dave's rifle has a `Robertsons` stock but it has been re finished by a company in the UK called Hydrographics`....he has several done in that `carbon fibre` effect ..I like it too !

    We don't have hunting leases as such, but its not unheard of for people to have to pay or rent the ` shooting rights` on a piece of land....We don't pay a bean to the land owner as its a benefit to both parties...we see it as doing the farmer a favour in keeping his varmints at a controllable level...for that read..we shoot as many as we can..LOL...

    Deer stalking is on a different level though...due to the money that some people can make from UK and other European stalkers....There are deer on our patch as well but we only take the odd one for the table..

    regards ..Martin
  4. Mr.Smith

    Mr.Smith Active Member

    Mar 20, 2010
    That is some distance Martin, excellent pictures too!

    Regards,Mr.Smith aka Sprags