Yes, a "Big" thanks is in order! Also, I'd like to thank all of the experienced gentlemen for taking their time to provide professional and respectful answers regardless of the questions posted. I have yet to see a condenscending answer. Thx Again.

Great shots. Rule of thumb is "F8 and be there" and you was there!

Digital images have come a long way in the past few years. Have you got Len Rue's catalog - lots of great outdoor photography tools there. I particularly like his window mount - Groofwinpod, I believe he calls it.

I am from the LBB and BBB school when it comes to ornithology - either Little Brown Birds or Big Brown Birds, don't know any others.

I agree, there's NO place like home, there's no place like home.

Have returned home from the "ethics and fair chase" WARS on the 24hour campfire.com forum.
I believe our LR point has been passed along to some of the non-believers in a stisfactory way. They even made a Longrange section there for us if we care to contribute.

There are some hardline shortrange shooters/hunters there but, I think for the most part, they understand our point, NOW.


Thanks again for the Policing of this forum.
I believe any site that has a LR section should be watched over closely and posts eleiminated when the short range boys throw up their ONLY BS defense of ethics and fair chase. I can't believe anyone would try to put a yardage on ethics but, that's what the Shortrange boys have done for years.
Dead is dead no matter the range.

Great pics you have there also. That lion looks like he had a rough night.

Take care and keep this site going.

Darryl Cassel
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