Kyle’s Safari & Field Report


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Dec 7, 2021


Kyle sent us great field reports and pictures from his trip to South Africa with Kalahari Outfitters. He used a 7PRC 169 Hammer Hunter and the 375 Ruger 270 Shock Hammer for this trip. Field report below from Kyle.

Blue Wildebeest
Shot 118 yards broadside.
7PRC 169 HH
Hit just behind the shoulder.
Spun. Hit it again and it dropped. First shot Full Pass through. I beleive the second was as well, Found exit hole but didnt pinpoint the entrance.

Shot at 78 broadside behind some brush. Stood up. One and done
7PRC 169HH. Full pass through.

Shot at 25 Broadside. Spotted him crossing the road into some thick stuff. They typically get behind cover and stop. I spotted him from the truck. We made a move and one and done. Full Pass through
7PRC 169 HH.

Black Wildebeest
We were headed to a waterhole on a stalk. Spotted this guy ans and a buddy at 400+ yds. Stalked to 230. First shot dropped him. He got up and I immediately hit him again. 7PRC 169 HH. Full pass through on First shot. First shot was lethal, guide just wanted him anchored.

Blesbuck common
On stalk for springbok and this Blesbuck walked out right in front of us at 40 yds. Entered point of Left shoulder, exited right hip.
7PRC 169 HH.

Springbok common.
Spotted in distance. Makes stalk. Got on tripod. 2 good males on top of each other. One finally cleared.
7PRC 169HH, full pass though.

Long stalk on group of 4-5. Got busted and eased on behind brush pile after pile. Finally spotted them the 4th time. PG Saw my bull and shot him 80 yds thru a lot of brush. One and done. He ran about 50-60 yds. 7PRC 169HH Full Pass through.

Birchill Zebra
Found a herd of zebra. Got off the truck for a stalk. Went in and out of thick brush. About 100 yds out still didn't see them. They began barking at each other. We snuck in to 68 yds. One and done. 7PRC 169HH Full pass through

Headed back to lodge for lunch. Caught this guy. Never stopped moving. Shot him from rear seat rest of truck at 100 yds. Double lunged him. He started running and crossed the road in front of us. I shot again per the PH. Somehow managed to hit and break both front legs with that shot. Stopped 30 yds away. 7PRC 169 HH - full pass through on first shot - full pass through on the double leg running shot - no idea how that happened.

On the way to hunt buff. Saw this Guy and 3 buddies at 220ish. We got down to make a stalk. They continued feeding. We had to jockey position to get a clear shot. This guy was broadside then spotted us and turned head on at 230. I shot in the center of the chest. Heart shot. 375 Ruger 270 SH - shot did not appear to exit, should have been in the guts.

Golden Wildebeest
Spotted this guy and made a stalk on him. He was with 2 Blue's. They ran. Got back in the truck. Looking for them. Finally found them. Shot him between 230-250 with the 375 Ruger 270 SH. One and done. Full Pass through

Golden Gemsbok
Spotted herd of 60-70 Gemsbok. Checked it out and found the 1 golden gemsbok first shot at 298 was a little back. Second at 240 put him down 375 Ruger 270 sh. First shot was in the guts, and did not appear to exit. Second shot was full pass though double lung/heart area.

What an amazing trip and report for Hammer Bullets. Congratulations Kyle. Thanks for sharing.