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    Nov 25, 2012
    A 67 year old, mostly retired electrical contractor now living on 155 acres 50 miles west of Austin, Texas. History: Raised Austin, football at Texas A&M, three years Army Medic, 2 years Viet Nam, Bronze Star, jack of all trades, married 39 years, 2 girls with 4 grandkids. Now raise alpacas (325), hunt, fish,
    ranch, cook, 3 Polaris', home-taught butcher....just finished 3 whitetail, 4 Axis 6 Blackbuck and 6 ferral hogs. Have 11 rifles, 8 pistols, 4 shotguns, a gillion knives (love sharpening) and a bow.
    Have 17's, 204, 22's, 22-250, 270's and a 30-30. Killed first deer when 5....many since then. Longest whitetail shot was 710 with handloaded 270.
    Have several Brittanys, 2 coops with bobwhites, and a Labradoodle. Love animals and am avid God-loving, blue-blooded, CONSERVATIVE American!
    I enjoy this sight and it's info.