Kelbly Atlas Tactical SA


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Nov 14, 2012
Mariaville, Maine
I have a Kelbly Atlas Tactical SA with 308 bolt face, black nitride finish, BDL/ADL style feed lips (takes Wyatt's MBE 04 box), tear drop style bolt nob, double pinned recoil lug, trigger hanger and Talley High rings. I never mounted a barrel and don't have the factory rail. You can buy the rail separate if you don't want the Talley's. I am looking for $875 shipped from me to your FFL. The trigger is not included. I was planning on building a 6.5 creed or 260 Remington on this but my plans have changed and I need a long action with standard bolt face.

I would also consider trades of a CRF long action like a Big Horn Origin.

Send a PM if interested. resizeKelbly.JPG