Just ordered a 4-16x50 PMII S&B

Pete Lincoln

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Mar 17, 2004
Yep i just ordered another PMII. a 4-16x50 with mil dots. Looking forward to using it to shoot some Roe Bucks in Scotland in May. its going on a 30-06 remington 700. should do the trick just fine..
Just out of curiosity what would had been the prise diferense if you had ordered it with Klein reticle? (the only place that sells it with the reticle already instaledis in GB).
When i asked the US distributor if they can put one in mine they asked(S&B factory)
330$ to do it...
BTW nice scope i love mine...

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I am fairly sure that when you order a scope and specify a particular reticle there is no extra charge providing the reticle isn't a one off. ie they have the reticle in thier program. A reticle change on a PMII ( not illuminated) costs about 150 euros.
i'm paying under $1500 for the scope.. now that is a great price
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><HR> i'm paying under $1500 for the scope.. now that is a great price <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
i` can`t complaine in the price either..i snatched from Midsouth shooters supply the last 2 double turn scopes (4-16)
with old pricing (1612$$)in the USA ..

if i get another S&B though i am gona try to get the kleen reticle in it, from the get go....
Thanks for the info...
Just noticed your post, I've got the 4-16 PM2 on one of my rifles. One particularly good thing about the 4-16 is that it'll do double duty as a club if the rifle packs up!

Where do you order your kit at decent prices over there? I only vaguely remember Franconia and Kettner from my time in the sunny bundesrepublik -and they weren't too cheap even without VAT (can't remember how to spell mehrvest..whatever!).
Brown Dog, what were you in and where where you stationed in Krautland, do we know each other? I have good contacts for S&B, and i should be up an running as a dealer FFL (RFD) my self soon, i pay the Mwst (i can't spell it either) VAT is 16.5%. Frankonia and Kettner are way to expensive, handy if you want to look as some kit, but then i always orderelse where,i figure most hunters do the same, its no wonder kettner went bankrupt last year, they where only saved by bieng bought out by the guy(s) who own Sauer/Blaser/Mauser.
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