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..Hi-de-ho, S1..
OK.. I still say it looks a lot like the reticle in "Kelly's Hero's"
Or for that fact similar to every one ya ever see behind the "on-air personality" when there's a news story about a shooting involving a rifle.. Tick marks on the crosshairs seem to have been very popular everywhere but on actual rifle scopes..
..Kinda reminds me of the "new" camo patterns.. (Done with yer best "doofus" voice) Company exec to designer.. "Hey Mutley..I have an idea.. Why don't we make the clothes they wear look like the places they hunt.?? "

(I know,there are better designs than "sticks&leaves")
..Nice design there anyhow.. Although just a tad "busy" on the vertical, IMO ..

PS- Yes,I have nothing better to do whilst I await the arrival today of the afore-mentioned reticle.. Hopefully still encased in a scope..

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..Sounds like a winner to me.. I'll havta harass ya for that s'planation of the workings of it here soon..
.. I'm off to the club fer a coupla days with the mutt.. Hasta la Vista,mi amigos.!!
..Hmmm.. The plot thickens.. In the Jan2000 Varmint Hunter Magazine,on page 151 there's an ad for D&B Supply (Yech,phooey..) They're dealers for NightForce and they have a couple of pics of NF reticles in the ad.. The one representing the NP-R2 that they call a "range finding" reticle looks a lot like your little rendition at the top of the page here.. JiNC
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