Is the .338WinMag a suitable LRH cart ??

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    Jun 12, 2007
    First of all, I love my .300WinMag but last last week after seeing a fantastic group from a friend's .338 (Ruger KM77) I started to take another look at this cartridge.

    I found that with a 185gr Barnes XLC or TSX and from a 24" barrel the MV could reach easily 3350fps... with almost BC and SD figures close to a .30 cal bullet of 180 gr

    In my .300WinMag a 180gr FailSafe reaches 3180fps with a max load of Re22

    Well, simple is as simple does...and a .338 bullet of 185gr launched 200fps more than the .300WinMag 180grainers will deliver more energy and a flatter trajectory, and all we know that comes with elevated MV

    In short, I used to think that my .300WinMag was a fantastic vehicle for Long Range Hunting, but what about this .338WinMag load???


    Please, any advise is welcomed!