SOLD/EXPIRED iPod & Passport 9500i


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Jan 14, 2009
Dallas, Texas
Looks like my funds have been coming up short lately and I have a few items that are no longer needed.

1. Blue Ipod Nano 16gb. It has been used lightly. It has a scratch through the anodizing on the front side of the ipod just above the screen, a small ding on the right side of the screen. I had it on my lap and forgot before about it as I was getting out of my truck. It is still in perfect working condition. This is NOT the one with video capabilities but looks the same. It was the generation right before it. Selling it because I got the iPhone and never use it. Paid 250. How about $100?

2. Escort Passport 9500i Red. This is a top of the line radar detector. It is able to save the locations that give you false alerts, and will also remember speed traps. It uses GPS to tell you your speed as well. I no longer have to drive 12 hours a weekend and rarely use it. It is in great condition. Comes with window mounting device, smart cord, and radar. Can't remember where the box is, but will include it if I find it before it is sold. How about $400?

Shipping not included, CONUS sales only. FTF in Dallas, Texas.