Internal MOA adjustments


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Oct 28, 2008
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Does anyone on here know what the internal moa is on a older model 6.5x20x50 Leupold Vari-XIII is? Thanks any info will be apprecieated. CMHgun)
I do not know off the top of my head for the type you describe. The easy way is to just grab it and spin it down to bottom and then count the revolutions up to top and multiply by 15 MOA per revolution. I assume it is 15 MOA per rev being as it has been that way for 25 years that I have been using them.

I would bet that iit will be about 50 MOA with it being a 1 inch tube but the sure way is to spin it and see.
Not sute if it matters on reticle but for here's one for a 6.5-20 long range target scope:

30mm maintube gives you 38-MOA minimum of both windage adjustment and elevation adjustment.
Max. Adjustment @ 100 yds (in): 72


Got this from Leupold's website:

[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]The Leupold Answer Guide[/FONT]

[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif] What MOA Adjustments do I Have?
Determining the value of adjustment increments: 1. Count the number of hash marks-from zero to and including that of the first number-on the dial. 2. Divide the first number on the dial by the number of hash marks counted. For example, divide 1 (the first number on the dial to which you counted) by 4 (the number of hash marks counted) to get .25 or 1/4. The resulting number is the value of each increment of adjustment in MOA. This method will work with any Leupold adjustment dial. One MOA moves the point-of-impact at 100 yards by one inch (at 100 meters, it moves 29mm).

Good luck.

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i have a scope like you describe. i can turn the verticle turret a bit more than 60 moa as described earlier. remember...just because you can turn it doesn't mean it's actually making that much correction. you could set a target up at 100 and see what the poi is for both down and up limits to know for sure.
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