Info on 98 mag well lengthening


New Member
Mar 3, 2015
OK this is my first post here, but I'm about to build several sporters on 98 actions I've had 20 years and I think I know what I'm doing but I always look for advice from someone who may have been there done that.
My question is about milling out the front and back walls of the std. 98 mag well.
It's inside is 3.310 on several of my actions. I am mostly concerned with the 35 Whelen fitting in the mag. I don't think I'll ever load anything bigger than 225gr so I'm looking at going to 3.400" inside? It looks like I can take out .035 from the front wall and .055 from the rear and still not have to do any receiver work other than a slight change in the ramp on the front?
I know some of you guys have done this somehow or other, I just don't want to mess up any '09's, '08's or VZ24's
I don't have any 35 Whelen loaded cartridges to measure so I'm not sure if 3.400" will be enough?
Thanks in advance,



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