Impressed with my 17WSM.

Accurate, too! My Iowa legal limit of six. It is also pure death on tough varmints. These were shot with 20gr. Rifle is Savage BMAG.


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When the news broke of the Savage A17 .17 WSM Sporter about two years ago, I ordered one. Savage is now shipping them and I still wait for delivery. What early reports I have read said the rifle likes both 20gr and 25gr. Function is also great.
l have owned ONE Savage in my lifetime. Twas a recent Thumbhole 17 varmint. A total pain, gave it to my son. He still cusses me.

My all-time favorite rimfire rifle company is CZ. l long for a CZ457 Varmint in17WSM
Thanks for the info. I have one with Savage, and not to happy with the accuratic. I am going to have the smith look it over and see if we can get it to settle down.
l took REVENGE on my Son with that Savage in 17HMR. Showed that fancy laminated thumbhole stock w/10X Leupold. lt was love t first sight . l even took his money. He just looks at his guns. l'm safe. He's HAPPY. I had a No Savage Day
I had to pressure bed mine with red RTV silicone at the forearm/barrel junction.

Been super sweet accurate ever since.

PM me if you need pics of solution.
So you applied forearm pressure to the barrel? I have heard of shiming the barrel at the action. I am going to place it with the smith and see if he can d0 straight it out.
Also like for a CZ in 17SWM rifle. Not sure if they are still making them.