Impact barrels, bolts, and other stuff


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May 6, 2012
Maypearl TX
I have gone through all my stuff and I'm parting with stuff I either haven't used or don't have time to use. I'm going into a new venture and time for messing around is going to cease to exist. This is not a fire sale, I'm still shooting PRS and Hunting, just thinning the crap down.

26" Proof Sendero chambered in the shorter reamer for use in a Short action (COAL to lands with 180 Hybrids is 2.930"). Chambered and threaded by Sterling Precision (Foremerly Gunware). 229 rounds fired. Only Barrel left... 600 SHIPPED!
PXL_20210801_214537927.jpg PXL_20210801_214611322.jpg

6.5 Creedmoor Barrel spun up by Harrison @ Servos. I broke this barrel in and have decided to stick with only 6BRA. 173 rounds and it shoots phenomenal. Includes EC Tuner. Cerakoted black, with a nice little pecker in gold as your line up reference (Shop owner said "You won't do it" well I accepted the challenge.) :ROFLMAO:
Bartlein 1:7.5 MTU finished at 26". Shot 147 ELD-Match factory loads at 2810 in 102* over my magneto speed and dope lined up with my Kestrel. - 500 SHIPPED!

6MM Hawkins Tank brake, used in a couple one day matches - 115 shipped

*LOCAL ONLY* 2#s VV-N165 - 40 picked up
*LOCAL ONLY* 2#s IMR 7828 - 40 picked up
PXL_20210801_213420955.jpg PXL_20210801_213715288.jpg

Questions please ask, public "I will take it" trumps PM, Text, calls.


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