SOLD/EXPIRED IBA 7mm Mag Full Custom

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Oct 6, 2011
Raleigh N.C.
Up for sale is a Chandler Master Build chambered in 7mm Rem Mag with Match Chamber throated for 168 Berger VLD's. Shoots .25 MOA with handloads (168 VLD @ 2950 fps) and is fully loaded. Confirmed 528 rounds down the tube all fired slow. Modest load will push the barrel life back closer to 2,000 rounds at least. Load Data will come with rifle as well as Redding Competition Neck Die Set,Type S Match FL Die and (80) Berger 168 Hunting VLD's / (47) 168 Target VLD's with (200) 2x fired Winchester Brass. If you are not into reloading this rifle will shoot HSM 168 VLD'S .5 moa or better! No trades at this time. No Bipod or SO Tech Skid Plate included.

-Remington 700- Blueprinted
-24" Hart Barrel M40 Contour with Surefire Brake
-McMillan A-5 w/ KMW Loggerhead Adj. Cheek Piece (75%OD/25%Black)
-Surgeon DBM w/(1) 5 round AICS LA Mag
-Nightforce 20 MOA Base
-Jewell Trigger @ 1 lbs.
-Devcon Titanium Bedded
-Badger Bolt Knob
-Badger/Chandler Lug
-Black Man-O-War Finish
-Atlas Rail


HSM 168 vld's Box Ammo (10 round group)

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