IAN, Ocular Adjust on Nightforce


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Oct 4, 2002
Ian, I read with great interest all of the info posted on the Nightforce prob. thread.
I set up to perform the ocular adjustment this morning using the back of a white tailgate with a decal of fine black print on it at exactly 50 yds. This is a NF 8X32 R2(PRE-NXS) model, no side parralax adjuster and I believe no lock-ring on the ocular unless I am missing something. Following your method I obtained the best focus on the crosshair just a 1/8 of a turn from bottomimg out clockwise and the best clarity on the fine print when fully bottomed out clockwise (which is where I left it) I did this several times making sure to focus outside of the scope as described. I never found a pint where they were both perfect. All of this done on a very bright sunny day. I was surprised that the best overall adjustment took place in the bottomed out position. Any thoughts on this? Thanks a lot. August
I regret that I am not familiar with those Nightforces, I have NXS's. Suggest that you call Jeff Huber at Nightforce and discuss it with him, might as well go right to the source. He is very knowledgable about his products and I am sure he will be able to help you out.

There also might be some other guys here who have experience with that model, I have simply never even handled one. Another person who is very knowledgable and helpful would be Danny Lilja. He is really into Nightforce scopes and is a fine person to talk to. If you have problems finding Nightforce USA or Lilja Barrels let me know.

Regret that I cannot help much.
Good luck, and have a happy Christmas and holdiday.
S1 and Ian, thank you. I must be suffering from too much eggnog as S1 was the poster of the info I was originally talking about....I am just used to BOTH of you sharing so much great info with all of us that I posted incorrectly. My apologies.
S1, I am tracking with you right up to the point where you say " You also have more power and will more than likely have to dial the power back close to 50 yds. to get a perfect focus". Do you mean set the power to 8x to perform the ocular setting and do it at 100yds instead of 50?
Am I also correct in that there is no way of locking the ocular adjustment on this model?
That would be my critisism of this NF in that ALLL of the adjustments move regulary while shooting. My power moves down with every shot, the illuminated ret. turns itself on and the ocular moves.
In case anyone is wondering it is set in lapped MWG rings properly tourqued to a Nesika one-piece bedded to the top of a Nesika action. Nothing else moves but the scope adjustments.
I'll ask my brother tonight about locking the ocular, he has some experience with them. With everything moving like that on recoil, I think Jeff H. would help you correct that on the spot if you contact him about it.
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