I leaned something today! Deer are not truly colorblind

Funny part, I never wore camouflage years ago, denim was my go to, never had a problem killing whitetails up close and personal
Well that’s what I was thinking!!! I’ve hunted in blue jeans before, they don’t seem to care. But I thought it was interesting nonetheless.

I also didn’t know just how much of their eyeball hardware was specialized to see in the dark. That’s crazy how little light they need to be able to see what’s out there, especially compared to us.

But I’ve also been reading up lately on human vision and we’re not as undergunned as a person might think…we can see more colours and distinguish subtle differences in hue and shade than most animals by a large margin AND apparently there are actually very few animals that have as refined and accurate of depth perception and ability to visually gauge distance as we can.

Not only can we throw spears and rocks and shoot arrows and stuff because of our handy arms (yay for being bipeds!) and dexterous opposable thumbs and a nervous system endowed with much keener fine motor skills (at the expense of much less brutal animalistic strength)….but with practice we can actually aim and hit something on purpose!!! 🤣