I’d like to cut some oz... Looking for a new scope.

May 29, 2019
I’m a buy once cry once/fear the man with one gun kind of guy. I’ve got a TL3 that I build up as my go to long range/hunting rifle. The TL3 I can swap from a pre fit 6.5 barrel, SAUM/WSM barrel, to a 223 barrel in my basement. I can throw on a cheap savage pre fit for long days at the range or a shouldered proof carbon for the mountains or the field. I like that I compete with, plink with, and hunt with the same rifle across the board.

The scope she currently wears is a 5-20 Razor HD. That scope has more than a few bumps and has served me well, but at 37 oz it’s a bit of a boat anchor and clunky to boot. I could drop half a pound easy by switching up to an AMG.

I like a lot of things about the AMG. 28.8 oz. Locking turrets (this is a big plus to me.) Excellent glass. Excellent warranty. 40% off military discount. The one and only thing I don’t like is the lower end magnification. 6x just seems like a lot for that occasional snap shot through timber. I was really hoping they would come out with a 3-18 AMG this year but alas that didn’t happen.

All that said I’m open to other brands. Less than 30 oz is a must. Mag range capabilities for long range shooting, but better low end magnification would be preferred. Zero stop is a must, but locking turrets would be preferred. Of course excellent glass.

I’m a pretty loyal vortex guy due to their warranty and their discount, but I stick to their high end products. That said I know there are some other optics out there that are worth a look.

ETA NF NX8 line looks really nice... would be torn between the 4-32 and the 2.5-20. 4x would seem fine on the bottom end for a primarily long range/western rifle, but not sure I would really ever need 32x other than shooting groups... Don't like the fact that there are no locking turrets, but the AMG seems long in the tooth compared to the NX8 line.
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Jan 5, 2020
I'd also go with a MK5, the turrets are awesome and they lock.
The 3.6-18 is perfect if you aren't shooting beyond 1k very often.
The 5-25 has a better eye box making it easier to spot your own shots.


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Aug 3, 2019
Leupold has a good military discount as well. Might be 40%. So.. The Leupold VX 6HD 3-18x50 with TMOA reticle is just 20.4 ounces. Has a locking turret also.
Its 45%. Its a sweet program. I have purchased a few scopes through their MIL/LEO program.

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