Huskemaw Scopes


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Jan 1, 2007
Lewiston, Idaho
I am having a custom rifle built and am starting to search for a good long range scope to put on it. I usually just go with Leupold scopes but have considered looking into something a little different. I have heard of Huskemaw scopes and so far liked what I. Too me they are a good combination with low end power to shoot running deer to shooting long range hunting. Does anyone have any experience with these scopes or opinions about them? Are they really what all of the advertisement has made them out to be?
I don't own one, but wondering if you are just not happy with leupold? or is it the dial & shoot turret that huskemaw offers that interests you? I think the mark 4 leupold is probably in the same price range & I would think the quality is as good or better than the Huskemaw but not owning one I'm not sure? I have also looked into them but talking to a lot of longrange folks most I have talked to seem to like the leupold better. That is in the $1500.00 or below price range I know I have been happy with mine & shooting in minuets seems to work well as long as you have your drop charts with you.
The main feature isn’t the dial on the Huskemaw because I like to be able to make and modify a click chart. What draws me to the Huskemaw is that it is a 50mm objective with a great range of variable zoom that isn’t super heavy.
Yah the weight is an issue I actually went the VXIII with the m1 turret in a 40 mm to save weight. The Huskemaw should be a good scope though
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