Hunting High Country Mule Deer Bucks - Part 2


Mar 6, 2008
You may have read my other hunting story (Hunting High Country Mule Deer Bucks) about my son Kenny and me hunting high country bucks in the Sangre De Cristo Range in Colorado during the early September season. Well, Kenny's twin brother, Ben, drew the same September high country tag the very next year and as brothers will do, decided he would one-up his twin brother and get a better buck, AND he would do it on his own without Dad holding his hand and making it easy… (Like I had done anything of the sort!)
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Jan 18, 2009
Allen, spend what time you must mourning Ben's death, but celebrate longer his life.
He is not in that dead earthly body, for his spirit lives to warm your soul in the first peep of the sun over the ridge or your sudden awareness of a wild creature in your presence.

My Dad's earthly body is gone, but just when I think I am alone in my duck blind, or shivering in a deer hunting hide...I remember who taught me those skills and more over to make room on the log and in my heart.
May 1, 2013
Dear Sir

Thanks for the cool hunting story about your boys, enjoyed reading it! Also, my deepest condolences to you and your family. Sounds like your son was a great man and you instilled the right values in him. Also I commend you for the idea of the hunt your putting together. What an awesome idea and a great way to honor your son!!
In my times of loss, two of my best friends inside of a year, I found comfort in knowing how much they gave while they were here and that they both are with me every step of every hunt. Sometimes I think maybe God takes the great ones from us early and has other plans for them in Heaven. Maybe its because they do more, give more, live more, in a shorter time than most people.

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