Hunting field position used this past year

Len Backus

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May 2, 2001
Can you describe the field position and holding technique you used to kill your big game animal this past season.
LEN: I shot my 162 P&Y 10 point buck while sitting 16 feet up in a Loc On treestand. I was sitting down with my bow already facing in his direction. I stayed seated and shot him at 20 yards when he offered a clear shot.
I was sitting with my rifle resting on a large log when I shot my Elk 2 years ago at about 200 yards. I used my left hand to push the buttstock into my shoulder. I had taken off my Harris bipod when I arrived at my spot at about 4:30 A.M. The bull finally showed up about 15 minutes before the end of legal shooting hours that night.
Alberta Moose.

I was on floating bog type stuff in a cutline. I first spotted the moose from the elevated stand but there's no rest in it for long range shooters.

I advanced along the edge of the cutline keeping to the very edge to avoid detection.

There was a covering of red willow about 16 to 20 inches tall on nearly the entire cutline. I finally found a little bit of a high spot and had discovered a short log that had split when pushed over during the clearing operations. I repositioned the log to afford a higher shooting point for the rifle and put my possibles bag on the log. I shot with the bipod legs fully extended (the short LM version bipod) the rifle was much higher than I generally like. I had to support my chest a little with my left arm to get my head and shoulder elevated enough to shoot. I much prefer shooting from a very low position but there was no chance for that.
I set the scope for 8 MOA for the 439 yards, held dead-center chest on the moose. One shot and we had a dead moose.

For the Alberta Whitetail I was in an elevated stand. I had the rifle set on 2 MOA expecting a standard "hunter" situation. The deer appeared at 174 yard on the left of the cut-line and stopped for a second at this transition zone. I spotted it, grabbed the rifle from the corner of the stand and quickly steadied it on the "windowsill" of the stand. By this time the buck was moving across the cut-line at a fast walk, I held center chest for elevation and lead by about 2 inches. The POA on the front shoulder provided a top of the heart and double lung hit. I saw seating in the stand for this shot.
The moose was only 50' away, so it was offhand. Scope was zered at 100yds, crosshairs were held an inch high of intended impact, center of neck just behind the ear. I lowered the rifle from 12 o'clock slowly and let go as soon as I found the spot in the center. The moose had his nose in a cows crack when he died, only one better way to go than that I thought.
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