Howa Axiom or Custom Build?


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Apr 21, 2012
I am really in the mood to add a 243 to my collection. I am having a dilema on deciding between building a rifle using a savage 10 action or just purchasing a howa axiom. My main uses for the rifle will be long range target. Will also use it for the occasional yote and will double as my deer rifle for now. Thoughts? Pros/Cons?
Buy a Rem 700 Varmint model..shoot about 50 rounds thru it and then scope it with the glass of your choice

You'll be $$ ahead and time saved
I owned a Howa .308 years ago. It was a heavy bbl in a custom stock and would shoot moa all day long. Had a great adjustable trigger and machining second to none as far as production rifles go. But if you want to shoot long range, you will need a custom rig. Not meaning to start anything, long range target shooting requires tighter tolerance than a production rifle can provide.
If you have not shot the axiom be for warned, Blackhawk's customer service is great, many of there products are great. The axiom stock is well built, I have no beef with them............ but, that stock is intolerable. A scoped rifle that allows the scoped action to jump back at you during the about distracting. I had one for exactly one range session. No scope eye or anything but my wife lost her ball cap a couple times. Horrible concept. My OPINION and your milage may vary.
Since I am slinging unpopular opinions: Nothing wrong with the howa rifle. You average current production remington is no better but easier to have worked on and accessorize. It's the chevy 350 of rifles= everyone makes everything for it and you will probably need it and then some if you want it to be exceptional. Some factory rifles do surprisingly well especially within the limits of the 243 cartridge. The savage action with a top shelf barrel will easily get you there. Your gunsmith will wish you had bought the remington, he has to make a living you know........................Sorry, Sombody had to say it.
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