Howa 1500 7 saum (testing waters)


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Aug 29, 2019
Hey all,

you may have seen my posts in the gun smithing forum, if not, you can look for it under my profile.

I have had two bad experiences trying to get new rifles for my first hunting season in Alaska. The first is with straight jacket armory just taking forever and not getting any answer or reply about the build time (ordered in March of 2020). The second, my fault, was getting to excited about the Howa 7 saum that came up for sale, had the funds and met all criteria (cartridge and action, as I sold the only Howa I’ve ever owned and regretted it daily).

the Howa bolt doesn’t close on a loaded round at all, could be as simple as needing to be reamed the tiniest bit. I don’t have the time or the money to fix, as I’m trying to wait to hear from straight jacket armory about upgrading to a nicer, custom action (since Remington closed).

Not even sure if anyone would be interested in it. Would be good for someone who is a gunsmith, or has a good relationship with a gunsmith and wouldn’t have any trouble getting it fixed right.

Anyways, I have the Howa 1500 barreled long action, that has been trued up. (Shawn Thompson is the gunsmith who did the work, I have his contact info. I never was able to get in touch because of time difference, covid, work, kids).

I also have a southern cross precision chasis with a 300 RUM detachable magazine that I could package up…

also, I have about 40-50 once fired Norma 7saum cases. 50 not fired ADG 7 saum brass (sherman stamped)…

as well as a 7saum rcbs full size die, and a 7 sherman max hornady die set with a .315 bushing.

could be a great package for someone that has extra funds to get it to the smith to reamed out to the correct depth for the 7saum or a 7sherman max.

If you need more pictures of please IBM

I paid 950 for the barreled action
I paid 250 for the 7 saum and sherman dies combined
I paid 150 for the 7saum cases
I paid 550 for the chasis and the magazine.

I would take 1600 for all of it. That would cover shipping and insurance from Alaska.


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