Hornady 308 Win. Cases Deprimed and Cleaned


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Nov 19, 2013
I have 280 PCS of Hornady once fired cases for sale. I deprimed (with decapping die) all of them and cleaned them in Frankfort Arsenal Wet tumbler, and cleaning solution. These cases were all shot from the same bolt action rifle, and never hit the ground, with very few exceptions. These are not range pick-ups, or anything like that.

I am asking $90 for the lot, shipped to your door. Paypal is best, but I will accept most payment methods, and will ship quickly upon receipt of funds (check cashes, paypal notification arrives, etc). I sold another similar lot just a few days ago, see that feedback, if you have any doubts about me.

If my price is out of line, let me know.
***Bonus opportunity- My 10 year old son worked with me to prep the brass, and package it for shipment, he will be the beneficiary of your purchase. Just one way to get a youngster involved in the hobby and make a few bucks for working instead of playing video games. View attachment 97625 View attachment 97627