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Jul 2, 2022

Homemade Firearms Ban Passes House​

Dear Michael,

HB 777, the homemade firearms ban, passed the House on a vote of 104-97. You can see how your state representative voted here.

The vote was largely on party lines, with pro-gun Democrat Frank Burns voting NO. However, three anti-gun Republicans violated your constitutional rights AGAIN by voting to pass HB 777. Here they are. You can send them a message by clicking their name or image.

Joe Hogan

Joe Hogan

K.C. Tomlinson

KC Tomlinson

Martina White

Martina White

Joe Hogan (R-142) and K.C. Tomlinson (R-18) previously voted for Universal Registration Checks AND Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders in 2023. Martina White (R-170) voted for Universal Registration Checks in 2023. All now have an "F" grade from GOA.

Special thanks must go to pro-gun champion, Rep. Aaron Bernstine (R-8) who tried to stop HB 777 from passing by forcing a vote on its constitutionality. Rep. Tim Bonner (R-17) also eloquently defended your God-given rights on the House floor in the challenge of HB 777's constitutionality. Unfortunately, that vote failed 101-100.

Aaron Bernstine

Aaron Bernstine

If you recall, Rep. Bernstine is our Constitutional Carry bill sponsor in the PA House and was instrumental in getting that bill to the Governor's desk back in 2021.

HB 777 now goes to the Senate where it will likely be assigned to the Senate Judiciary Committee chaired by Senator Lisa Baker (R-20).

Even though the Senate is in the hands of the Republicans, we cannot let our guard down for one second. Governor Josh Shapiro is already tweeting for the Senate to pass HB 777.

Josh Shapiro Tweet

GOA's expectation is for Senator Baker to "hold the line" on all of the anti-gun bills that have been referred to her committee and not to succumb to Shapiro's tyrannical pressure.

I will be sure to keep you updated all the way. In the meantime, please be sure to forward this email to your pro-gun family and friends.

In Liberty,

Dr. Val Finnell
Pennsylvania Director
Gun Owners of America

Twitter: @goapennsylania

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I forgot I even posted this. I actually thought it didn't post due to the links. Thanks for confirming Std7mag.