Hodgdon Superformance for 338 Lapua?


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Dec 22, 2011
I see a number of folks that use H4831sc for 250 grain bullets in 338 lapua. I looks like hodgdons
superformance has a similar burn rate with possible better velocities. I'm curious if anyone out
there has tried this combo.
I don't see why it wouldn't work, but I'd give Hodgdon a call just to see if they can offer you any data over the phone as to start and stop loads.

Burn rate is somewhere between 4350 and 4831, or so it seems... maybe a tad faster than 4831, but perhaps (perhaps) able to wring a few more fps out of a bullet without getting into high pressure issues. Look at the 30-06 data for a comparison as to how the superformance works versus the 4350's and 4831's. (they're listing superformance data for the 30-06).

Hodgdon - The Gun Powder People

Probably a workable powder for 200 to 250 grain bullets. They show data for the 4350's also... but I'm not certain you'd outperform H1000 for the lighter bullets in the 338LM.

the superformance powder is not out yet for that round its a combo of powders that is made for certain rounds

what it is out for its

243 WSM
300 RCM
300 WSM

i know this sucks because i would like to use it for my 6.5 CM and i called and they said nope wrong powder ;-{
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