Hiding your stink

I think I used Scent Blocker in Oregon. Baby wipes and then scent blocker spray. I've done maneuvers out in the Mojave. About the third day the BDU's can stand up by themselves. No need to starch them, but it's a dry heat. Maybe try the normal personal hygiene stuff and a scent blocker. The wind is going to rule in any environment.
Baby wipes are great. Multi-purpose if you understand my meaning and have had a kid or two!
I’m no expert, but I’ve been fortunate and lucky. Some catch and release and some hook and cook. This is my scent control story like it or not.

I backpacked in two days before season. The elk really didn’t get responsive until the end of week one. After that I didn’t have troubles with calling in bulls.

The smelly high lights. The first bull I called in 3 times on the same set and he approached both sides of me within 20 meters but the shot wasn’t there on day 8. Day 11 I had a bull and 2 cows move in on me after I bedded down for my afternoon nap. I woke up and moved 20 meters when I busted them out of their beds. I harvested a satellite day 12 during a bull rush on the herd bull. There were elk in every direction and the winds were just at the crux of switching from morning down slope to mid morning up slope winds. I always work the winds when I can. I only bring one set of hunting clothes, 3 or 4 pairs of socks, and two base layer shirts and commando. I only rinse my base layer shirts and socks in the creek on the long hunts every few days. I hang my butt over water and rinse off usually when ever I top off my water bottles. I’ll do that no matter the weather even 4th rifle season. That’s at least once a day. I wet a rag and hit my pits chest and lower back at camp if time and weather allows. That’s the same rag I wear around my neck or tucked into my cap. Water is all it takes believe it or not. Even after breaking down my bull I cleaned up with water, dirt, and rotting wood.

I never use scent cover. The only time I used baby wipes was in Afghanistan. I despise seeing baby wipes and toilet paper left in the forest. Around here, hunters are usually blamed for trash in the middle of nowhere, and rightly so.
Humans get rank. Shave your pits and your groin. Practice good perineal hygiene. Use deodorant. Shower/bath/sponge bath when possible. Hang your gear out to air out. Change your socks. Play the wind.
Dude body wipes help. I use a Sea To Summit pocket shower as the stuff bag for my quilt. Then I'll take a small piece of soap and a pack towel. If it's a warm day and I'm actually in camp mid day I'll rinse off.
I don't worry about my smell and the elk just more for my own personal health and hygiene.
The pocket shower is nice too for just washing your hands in camp.
Don't worry about cover scent products in the backcountry.