Hi from Colesberg, South Africa


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Jan 18, 2010
I do problem animal control and buck culling for our district and surrounds, mostly jackal,lynx/caracal and warthog, so i get to spend a bit of time outdoors. Plenty of space out here in the Karoo, so the only interesting rifle is an accurate one !

I was introduced to this site by a mate of mine in the next town Hanover.

Great site ... You guys in the States have some fantastic toys and goodies for hunting.

Married with 2 girls, only thing is they want pink rifles !! Gonna have to be long shots..


Welcome aboard! I can relate. My daughter wants a pink rifle too! She has her heart set on a .22 LR cricket. When I get up some coin I think I'll get her one!
BY the way, I'd like to have your job!
Welcome, glad to have you here. lots of good folks and lots of good info. We make some nice pink stocks here in the US too. Enjoy.
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