Heym Double Rifle .450/400, .450 NE, .470NE or .500NE


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Jun 8, 2017
I have 2 African safaris back to back this year, one in S.Africa again for plains and Cape buffalo, and another in the Selous in Tanzania for 2 more Dugga boy Cape Buffs, Hippo, Croc. I have a .416 custom bolt gun but need a double rifle for the arsenal..well I don't need, but I want!!;)

I am looking for a used Heym Double Rifle chambered in any of these calibers .450/400, .450 NE, .470NE or .500NE. I have a 5 digit budget$$ for the right gun. I prefer the .450/400NE or the .470NE Let me know if you have something or no someone who has one they want to part with.


Heym.jpg Dugga Boy.jpg 88B_Heym.jpg
I have a Heym 88B PH 450/400, 26" Barrels, Upgraded "Safari" wood, ivory front bead
standard dimensions. As new-unfired (other than factory regulation). I bought this several years ago for a safari and ended up using another rifle. PM me if you are interested in making an offer. Asking $12,500.