SOLD/EXPIRED Rifles FS: Hart Rifle Barrels, Dowling, Heym, etc

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    Jul 14, 2008
    Pics emailed to interested folks. Maybe I'll get them uploaded, but not getting it yet.

    Hart Rifle Barrels 300 Win Mag - $1550:
    Matte finish 700 LA
    Factory trigger
    Factory J-bolt
    ADL configuration
    Single shot follower
    Bedded by Hart's to a Holland's Signature Series laminated stock
    Bobby Hart (PA) removable brake - perfect fitment
    SS barrel measures just under 30" from muzzle to recoil lug (26" of rifling)
    10" twist
    0.855 @ muzzle
    12# 6.6oz
    I bought rifle used, told unfired. Rifle was taken to HRB and borescoped. Hart's confirmed barrel is unfired other that 1 round they fire for liability reasons. Action looks like it was new when it was sent for rebarreling, but I can't confirm it. Slight outline from bases that I removed. I bought a new Callahan firing pin/bolt shroud assembly (to get rid of j-lock) and will include it. Minor storage wear, rates 99.5%.

    Hart Rifle Barrels 250 SAVAGE - $1250:
    700 SA (I was told it was SS)
    Factory trigger (breaking @ 3.5#)
    J-bolt replaced
    BDL configuration
    Unbedded HS Precision stock (Remington pad) black w/grey web no palm swell
    23" bbl
    0.830 @ muzzle
    Barrel and action teflon coated
    I bought rifle used, told ~100 rounds. I put a Bushnell 10x on it and fired ~20 rounds. Rifle was taken to HRB and borescoped. Hart's opinion was that barrel was under 100 rounds showing almost no wear. Minor wear in teflon near muzzle and minor wear on trigger guard, but rates 97%.

    7-08 Rem - $1625:
    700 SA old blued no prefix
    Jewell trigger
    HS Precision DBM and 1 magazine
    B&C lightweight stock, grey w/ black web, pillar bedded and Devcon bedded by Hart's
    22" Hart bbl
    0.610 @ muzzle
    Talley Lightweight mounts
    Pentax Lightseeker SL 3-9x32 ballistic plex w/ BC caps
    7# 10oz scoped and 4 rounds in magazine
    I bought rifle used. It came out of Alaska, old sheep rifle I guess. I was told it was built by Dan Dowling using a Hart bbl (only markings are caliber). Action shows it has been squared and bbl shows Dowling's finish on it. Rifle was taken to HRB and borescoped. Hart's opinion was that it was a very high quality barrel showing little use and was worth sprucing up. I bought the stock, magazine assembly and trigger. Hart's did all the fitting, bedding, etc. I carried this a bit and it shows some wear but rates 92-94%.
    I have put under 80 rounds through it.

    Heym SR20G - $2700:
    300 Win mag
    Oil-finished french walnut
    German fixed mounts
    Schmidt & Bender 2.5-10x56
    Classy hand fitted rifle that is ready for safari or western hunt
    1 minor blemish on steel grip cap and several press marks in wood from a crowded safe, but still 95%.

    Winchester 70 Classic 6.5x55 Classic Stainless Featherweight - $1300:
    As new in box
    ~40 rounds fired
    Late New Haven w/ black decelerator pad not red pad
    Hang tag, manual, trigger lock - all the stuff
    A couple of minor polished areas in the SS finish and 1 very minor press mark where floorplate was fully extended and slightly impacted wood - Honest 99.5% - Collector quality.
    I know it's a lot, but this caliber attracts a lot of collector attention.

    All prices tyd USPS Priority, insured and tracked (add $40 if it has to come from an FFL)
    3-day inspection
    PM me if interested